How to Enroll


AFJROTC is open to any eligible student admitted to Chandler High School. Students enroll in AFJROTC classes just as they do for any other class.  School counselors will assist students with their AFJROTC class selection.  There are no prerequisites.; grooming standards must be met for every AFJROTC class session and wear of the AFJROTC uniform is required. 

What to Expect


AFJROTC provides a professional education and training environment.  Cadets are students first,  Their top priority is academics; their top goal is to graduate.  AFJROTC commitments will take up some of their time; but, there should plenty of time to study for other courses.

Students are not joining the military or incurring any type of military obligation when they enroll  in AFJROTC classes.  AFJROTC is not a military accessions program; it is a citizenship program designed to develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their school, community and nation.

Weekly Class Schedule


Monday: Aerospace Science

Tuesday: Aerospace Science (Required Uniform Day)

Wednesday: Leadership Education Honor Guard, 7th hour (2:30-3:45 PM)

Thursday: Leadership Education

Friday: Wellness Program (PT uniform required)
            Honor Guard, 7th hour (2:30-4:15 M)

Unit History

AFJROTC was first activated in the Chandler Unified School District at Chandler High School in September of 1986, under the direction of Lt Colonel Charles Knight.

In July of 1998, the unit was moved from Chandler High School to Hamilton High School and interested students were bussed from Chandler to Hamilton to attend AFJROTC classes.

In July of 2002, Headquarters, Air Force Officer Accession and Training Schools approved the establishment and activation of a new unit at Chandler High School under the direction of Lt Colonel Gary D. Jones.

The unit's emblem is the “Mach II Wolf,” the unofficial emblem of the 8th Fighter Wing, Kunsan Air Force Base, Korea, home of the feared “Wolfpack” F-16 jet fighters.  The wolf’s head has a yellow eye (no pupil), gray muzzle, white teeth, red tongue, and black fur displayed horizontally. An imaginary line should pass through the nose and third curl below the ear.

The unit has been designated as a Distinguished Unit 16 times and a Distinguished Unit with Merit 4 consecutive times.


Frequently asked questions

How are new cadets treated?


We assign cadet mentors to each new student.  Cadets are assigned to a flight for academic, leadership, and physical fitness training, along with other students who are enrolled in the same class.

When will I receive my uniform?


You will be issued a complete set of uniforms within the first three weeks of the semester.  You are required to wear your uniform once a week on the assigned uniform wear day.  You are also required to wear your issued physical fitness uniform once a week on the designated physical fitness training day.

How much marching and drilling will I have to do?


Not as much as you might think.  As a part of your Leadership Education course instruction, you will become proficient in formation marching, drill of the flight, individual facing movements, military commands, as well as reveille and retreat ceremonies.

Does AFJROTC include extracurricular activities.


Yes, all cadets will have the opportunity to become involved in civic and community activities, as well as cadet corps training activities.  Some of these activities include competitive dodge ball, paintball, softball and basketball tournaments, leadership reaction course, sports field day, and medical field day.

Am I expected to participate in any extracurricular activities?


Your first and foremost concern is attending classes and maintaining good grades. 

Can I participate in high school sports while a part of the AFJROTC program?


Absolutely.  Participation in all school activities, student council, sports, band, choir, is strongly encouraged to the extent that academic performance allows.  Academics takes precedence.

Are there training events that cadets are expected to attend?



Yes, The Fall Semester has Football Games, a Homecoming Parade, the City of Chandler Halloween Festival, the Chandler Rotary Golf tournament, and a Military Dining Out; the Spring Semester has the Annual Ostrich Festival Parade in downtown Chandler, the City of Chandler Easter Festival, the American Legion POW/MIA Ceremony, the Frye Elementary Carnival, a Military Ball, Awards Night, and Graduation.  

In as much as these events enhance classroom instruction and provide additional training opportunities, extra credit is offered. 

Will I have the opportunity to visit any military installations?


Yes. We realize the vast scope of the military is difficult to visualize in the classroom.  We conduct field trips to both Luke Air Force Base during the Fall Semester and Davis-Monthan Air Force Base during the Spring Semester.

Are there any Summer training programs available?


Yes.  The Cadet Leadership Course is normally held during the first or second week of June at Fort Huachuca, located in Sierra Vista, Arizona.  Approximately 200 cadets from high schools throughout Arizona, representing Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force JROTC units, attend this 24 hour/5 day experience that challenges both cadets and staff members to their full potential, and then some.  This is a life-changing experience for most participants, including the instructors.

The Cadet Leadership Course is a very competitive and physical extracurricular program that teaches cadets aspects of citizenship and leadership in a highly structured and focused instructional environment.  Its mission is to promote citizenship and leadership by preparing cadets for leadership roles in their units, schools, and local communities.

Selection to attend the Cadet Leadership Course is capped at 10 cadets and is based upon the following categories:  

    -Academic standing (cumulative GPA) overall and within AFJROTC courses

    -Physical Fitness Score for the current academic year

    -Community Service hours

    -Participation in AFJROTC sponsored events

    -Involvement within the cadet corps.