Honor Guard


The mission of the Chandler High School Corps of Cadets Honor Guard is to represent AFJROTC to the American public. 

The vision of the Chandler High School Corps of Cadets Honor Guard is to ensure a legacy of cadets who promote the mission, protect the standards, perfect the image, and preserve the heritage.

Honor Guard members are responsible for ensuring that they are physically and mentally prepared to flawlessly execute a mission that requires a deep devotion to duty and a strong sense of dedication. Through precise drill movements, immaculate uniform appearance and attention to detail, honor guard members display the integrity, service, and excellence expected of all members. They are continually presented with opportunities to challenge themselves as they attempt to assume the responsibilities associated with being an Ambassador in Blue. Each member is responsible for their level of personal and professional conduct and their personal and professional development; a level ultimately determined by the strength of their personal commitment. This is a chance to challenge yourself more than you ever thought possible; being entrusted to uphold extremely high standards, epitomize perfection in dress and appearance, customs and courtesies, and drill and ceremonies. You alone determine what you will become. It’s all about attitude and commitment; make the impossible inevitable, defy the limits of physical and mental endurance. Remember, “the beginning determines the end."


Cadet Leadership Course

The Cadet Leadership Course is normally held during the first or second week of June at Fort Huachuca, located in Sierra Vista, Arizona.  Approximately 200 cadets from high schools throughout Arizona, representing Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force JROTC units, attend this 24 hour/5 day experience that challenges both cadets and staff members to their full potential, and then some.  This is a life-changing experience for most participants, including the instructors.

The Cadet Leadership Course is a very competitive and physical extracurricular program that teaches cadets aspects of citizenship and leadership in a highly structured and focused instructional environment.  Its mission is to promote citizenship and leadership by preparing cadets for leadership roles in their units, schools, and local communities.

Selection to attend the Cadet Leadership Course is capped at 10 cadets and is based upon the following categories:
    -Academic standing (cumulative GPA) overall and within AFJROTC courses
   - Physical Fitness Score for the current academic year
    -Community Service hours
    -Participation in AFJROTC sponsored events
    -Involvement within the cadet corps.


Kitty Hawk Air Society

Kitty Hawk Air Society is the academic honor society of AFJROTC. KHAS promotes high academic standards, school and community service, self-confidence, and initiative.  KHAS also develops leadership skills, recognizes academic excellence, and furthers members’ knowledge of the Air Force role in aerospace.

Membership Requirements: The members of the organization must be enrolled at Chandler High School as full time students and must be registered for at least one Aerospace Science course during the school year.

All cadets enrolled in the AFJROTC program will be considered for an invitation to join Kitty Hawk Air Society.  An invitation to join will be extended only to those students of good character who earn a minimum academic grade of “B” in their Aerospace Science course, are of good standing with the school and the Corps, and possess a 3.00 Cumulative GPA on a 4.000 scale.  The decision to extend or not extend an invitation rests solely with the Senior Aerospace Science Instructor.  Minimum grade standards must be achieved for the most recent grading period prior to induction.